Do I need to read Russian to take your course?

You do not need to read Russian (the Cyrillic alphabet) to take Russian Accelerator. We offer everything with both English letters and Russian letters, at the same time. But remember, our system of teaching you to read Cyrillic comes free with the Accelerator course. By using this unique system, you’ll likely be reading Cyrillic in days. But again, reading Russian is optional.

What topics do you cover in the course?

All the 750+ words and phrases you learn in the course are aimed at making you a conversational speaker of Russian. The core vocabulary is what we call “you-centric”, and is designed to help you tell your story: Who you are, where you work or go to school, who your friends and family are, where you live, what your likes and dislikes are, where have you been and where are you going. The list is long, but the topics are biographical in nature. Russian Accelerator also teaches the most practical phrases needed for those traveling to Russia: Topics include: Asking directions, ordering food, local transportation, as well as conversational tactics, like: Asking Yes or No questions, Repeating and re-phrasing answers for confirmation, and so on.

Do you teach grammar, so I can make my own phrases?

Absolutely! With Accelerator, you’ll learn grammar through a process known as pattern recognition. Instead of giving all the complicated rules associated with Russian grammar, our course shows you the patterns of how Russian words change. It’s fun, easy and effective, since it mimics the way you absorbed grammar as a toddler.

Do you teach all six cases?

Yes, we cover all six grammatical cases. They are covered mostly in the singular, with only a brief look at some of the plural forms. Russian verb aspect is also covered, and the infamous “Russian verbs of Motion” are covered extensively.

How often should I study?

We recommend that you study for at least 20 or 30 minutes per day, 4 or 5 days per week. But as a full member you will have lifetime access to all the material, so you can go at your own speed.

How long is the Russian Accelerator course?

There are 90 lessons in all, and each takes approximately 30 minutes to go through. If you follow our recommendations and study a new lesson every other day, then you should be able to complete the course in about six months. But of our members is different. Some finish the course in a few months, while others take more than a year. You will always have access to the course, so you can go at your own speed.

What are the technical requirements for the course?

To take the Russian Accelerator online course, the following conditions and devices are required, or recommended:
(1) Internet Connection: ADSL, Cable connection for best results. If using a dial-up connection videos may load slowly.
(2) The ability to listen to sound. eg. sound card and speakers.
(3) Modern browser (IE6, IE7, IE8, IE9, Firefox3.0+, Opera9.0+, Google Chrome3.0, Safari2.0+)
For Mac users: Please use Safari 2.0+.
For Windows users, Firefox4.0+, IE8+, Google Chrome3.0 are recommended.

What if I have problems? Do you offer customer support?

If you have any problems, please write us here: support@russian-accelerator.com
We strive to answer all questions in less than 24 hrs. You can also call us toll-free at 1-877-527-6313 (U.S. and Canada), or try us on Skype: xopowo123

Is this program appropriate for children?

We do not recommend Russian Accelerator for kids under 12. Though the material is all G rated, some of the references will be lost on children. Also, the conversations we teach are aimed more for adults. If you have child looking to learn Russian, please ask us for recommendations on other courses.

Can I use this to learn Russian on my iPad or other mobile device?

Yes, Russian Accelerator can be used to learn Russian with i-pad, Google Android, and other mobile devices.

Is the course completely online, or will you be mailing me discs, too?

Russian Accelerator is located entirely online, in a password protected members area. We will NOT be mailing you any discs. We do this for many reasons: First, an all digital products keeps costs way down. But more importantly, an online course can be constantly updated as the language changes. Also, we are always adding new content, new speakers, new on location videos and so on, to make an ever-growing learning environment.

Can I download the course to study it offline?

We only offer the first few Units to download. We do this mostly due to piracy fears, but also that the organization is best done in a controlled manner, in the members area. But we do offer lots to download. For example, our popular ON THE GO series, for your mp3 player, and the “Read Russian” videos. But again, the core material of the course requires learning online, in front of the computer.

What are the payment options, guarantees, costs. etc?

To see the cost, payments, guarantees, and exactly what you get, please go here.