The #1 Secret to Learning Russian Fast!


The key to learning to communicate in Russian quickly and easily is totally up to the techniques you use. As an adult learner, things like your age, or whether or not you are “good at languages” is irrelevant.

Myself, I did horribly with Russian when I first started. But now I’m teaching Russian to people all over the world. I’m not trying to toot my own horn. I just want you to know that a person can go from struggling in Russian like I was, to communicating freely and easily. You just need to use the right techniques, with the right amount of exposure, and you can be speaking Russian quickly.

You know, after about a year of studying, I was almost ready to give up. I’d been trying everything, from the Big Name courses to private lessons. There was a lot of time spent and money being spent, with little to show for it. I could barely put two words together in Russian.

So I decided to take a break from studying Russian, and instead research how adults acquire language. I did a ton of research, and found that there are a lot of new techniques for learning a second language that none of those outdated courses are using. And every time I found a new technique, I implemented it into my studies. I kept doing this until I found what I like to call “The perfect storm” of language learning techniques.

Contextual learning from the video above is just one of those techniques. There’s also Pattern Recognition, for mastering grammar naturally, without memorizing rules. S.L.T. for developing an exponential usage of the language. And others: The principle of “You-centric” vocabulary, the use of constructions, the forced response technique and many others.

As kids, we absorbed language from a multitude of sources: family members and friends, TV and radio. We were immersed in the language with all our senses.

Yet, so many language courses will have you believe that you can become proficient by only listening to audios in your car, or only watching a computer screen and guessing what’s being said. Are you kidding me?

Children learn from an array of inputs, and as adults, we need to learn from an array of techniques. That was my motivation to create the Russian Accelerator. I wanted to assemble the exact techniques, and the exact formula that lead to my ability to speak and understand this beautiful language so quickly.

So, if you have experience with Russian (и можете прочитать это без проблем) but have been struggling to reach the next level, click on the Russian Accelerator Vol II button.

But if you’re new to Russian or struggling with other courses, take a look at the next video in the series, called: How to Master Russian Grammar Fast.
I’ll see you there!